"Years ago, my wife convinced me to join her in seeing Sherry Reasbeck for marriage and family counseling. It took some time, but with Sherry's regular guidance, we improved our communication skills, our relationship and our marriage. Without her help, I truly believe we would have divorced. In large part because of Sherry's skillful coaching, we now have a much better relationship and have remained married for 26 years now. She is the best marriage therapist in San Diego! Thank you, Sherry!" 

Mark E.

"I worked with Dr. Sherry Reasbeck. I was referred to her after I got sober at age 23. In the first few years, she helped me learn important life skills that I had never really gotten. Later we worked on my career, and through the work I did with her, I got out of a "job" and into a meaningful and rewarding career. I also worked with Sherry on my relationship (and later marriage). The most valuable work I did with Sherry was examining my beliefs and deciding which are truly mine - which ones I want to keep, and which ones I need to change or get rid of. This work was life-changing for me. Sherry is a wonderful therapist - kind but tough and real. She gets to the issues and the solutions. Sherry helped me to become a woman I am proud of today - a successful worker, wife and mother. I highly recommend her - thanks, Sherry!  K.F.

Dear Sherry, I wanted to take the time to thank you for our time together. I believe that everyone gets to a point in their life where their own well-being needs to be priority number one. When I realized that time had come for me, I am very fortunate that I had found you. It is so difficult to get lost in the everyday life and stresses of marriage, children, work, and relationships, there comes a time when you need to take a breath. Thank you for helping me find my breath and my lung capacity to do so. You were a wonderful source of peace for me, a perfect non-judgemental sounding board, and an all-around safe place to just be "me". You helped me find who that person was, and helped me reach conclusions and decisions that I already had inside of me. You gave me the confidence to move forward, and for that, and so much more, I thank you.  

With the greatest respect and warm wishes,

Sherry Reasbeck helped me change my life. The time we spent working together was one of the best investments I've ever made. Recovering from a work disability when I first met her, she helped me resume a successful career and get my life back on track. More importantly she taught me how to be present and gave me cognitive tools that I use to this day. Even though it has been five years since our last in person session I still use some of the skills I learned from her on a daily basis. Sherry's approach is a no nonsense and is focused on giving you the ability to help yourself. Thankfully for me it was just what I needed. Although I have since moved away, we still speak on occasion and I am thankful that she is both available to me now and that she answered the phone nearly eight years ago when I finally got the courage and wisdom to pick up the phone and call. Thanks Sherry.  T.S.

Sherry is a master with CBT. She equips you to get to the heart of your concerns and understand your best next steps and why. Very knowledgeable and kind, consider her your secret weapon in creating and leading the life you want. J.A.


“Fantastic experience! So much information and such good handouts and practice.” L.C., Ph. D., PMHNP, CRNA.

“Sherry’s course was thorough, clear and practical. One leaves with having the tools and resources to become a competent and successful CT Therapist.” M.M.

"Of all the workshops I have attended over the past seven years, the techniques I learned in this workshop are the only ones I have found to be easily implemented with all my clientele, gaining a much higher level of positive treatment outcome." - J. W., Ph.D.

"Excellent course and instructor" D. L., MFT

"The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She raised my therapeutic skills to a much higher level and significantly deepened my understanding of CBT treatment for Axis II disorders."-B.W., Ph.D.

"This is the fourth course I have taken. I took the full series because the instructor is so knowledgeable, gifted, and has great delivery of subject matter." –K.S., Ph.D.

"Best expertise in working with anxiety, panic and PTSD I've ever taken! Thanks" M.Z., MFT

"Clinical application plus theory makes for total package. An exception to many other trainings." B.K., Ph.D.

“Sherry has a unique ability to truly connect with students and teach techniques in ways that respect clients and get productive results-win-win for therapists and their clients!” C.G., P.A.

"I appreciate your ability to make complex subjects more simple" C.E.L., MFT

“Excellent program! Instructor continues to provide invaluable information, especially when working toward CBT Certification.” K.S., Ph.D.

"Good, solid, practical information" M.Z., Ph.D.

“This course was a life learning experience. I would highly recommend it to all.” M.B., R.N.

“Sherry, you are captivating in your delivery. I am so grateful I signed up for your courses.” S.H.,LMFT

“With Sherry, you are working with and learning from an expert. Thank you Sherry !” K.K., LMFT, LPCC

“Valued the information presented and the skill of the presenter.” C.L., LCSW

“This really helped me to be more comfortable being uncomfortable in sessions with clients.” J.G., LMFT

“Great facilitator/instructor!’ D.G., LCSW

“Sherry’s teaching style is warm, genuine. She knows her techniques well and I love her demos”. M.N.,LCSW

“You facilitated the learning experience with warmth, humor and compassion.” C.P., M.A.

“Excellent trainer who was warm and clear throughout”. C.M., A.C.S.W.

“Dr. Reasbeck is absolutely amazing! This is the second time that I take the training and I continue to learn new things, as she continues to incorporate ne material and a wealth of knowledge.” E.E., A.M.F.T.

“Fantastic training with an extremely empathic, knowledgeable trainer.” C.M. , A. C. S. W.